Wow! Three years, gone by in a blink
And these days I'm so tired I barely can think
But thinking's not required to know what I got
A wonderful little boy and a wife who is hot.

And now two more little boys on their way to our life
But for me there's something new amongst all the strife
See, when we had our first
I would say that my bubble had burst
Going from being a couple to a trio
Was a real struggle for me, oh
Sure it was what I wanted
But the thought of you and I growing apart daunted
Me, and drove me to tears
But it turned out that all my fears
Were mostly unfounded
And largely ungrounded.

Sure we no longer get to own an RV
And our only glimpses of Hawaii will be on TV
But the truth is that I love being a husband and dad
More than I ever really liked being a lonely lad.

And so the something new to which I referred
Is an understanding that's not so blurred
Of what it really means to be a partner and father
To love and to care and to never be bothered
By the time lost or the lack of space
Because I see everything I've ever wanted in our little boys face.

And so, is this a love poem for you
Or for little Aiden you might ask, and to
Be completely frank, it's a little of both
Because parenthood itself carries a heavier oath
And our relationship now is no longer our own
But man what a trip, and how I have grown
And now I'm to say what I came here to say
Which is Happy Anniversary, and I hope it's a great day!