I've started to look at love like a gravity well
A physical sensation that's attractive as hell
I first came to see it
And was open to understand what I saw
When I met you, and lost you
And it still keeps me in awe.

I've started to see love as a gravity well
A physical sensation of attraction under a vail
Something that pulls us to each other
And the closer we get
And the longer we stay
The more I get to feeling this way.

And If we look to see love as a gravity well
We'll find a physical sensation that's attractive as well
It discards logic and chance
For a lovestruck dance
That'll define my life
Through it's joy and strife
And I've noticed that when I leave
Or when we fight
That my life isn't right
And it's because of this draw
And our rotational dance
That happiness in my life stands a chance.

I read very recent, a thought about love
That said that loss was the price we pay
Because we choose to be together each day
We'll experience the joys and highs
With the crippling lows
But someday, when we lose each other
The pain will have been worth our time together
And those words struck me raw
Because in them I saw
How my love for you, and our life built
Would be worth any pain, suffering or guilt.

And I hate to be morbid
In an anniversary poem
But in those words I saw how I'm never alone
Because even through loss, with our spirits entwined
We, (and our boy and our dogs) form a backbone
Of a unit that's home.

And my point about love being a gravity well
Is that your love in my life has drawn me out of my shell
It's affected the rhythm of my life
And I couldn't be more thankful that you are my wife.

Happy Anniversary baby