I've never loved anyone more than I love you
You've raised the bar for my life and hopefully your own too
You're headstrong and tough and quiet and hard
But you're so sweet and so loving when you let down that guard

You're beautiful and sweet
You're fiesty and neat
You're a tangled mess of emotions that make up a suite

I've never wanted to love anyone more than I want to love you
You're raising the bar for my life and I think your own too
With you I can see the life that I dream
Living a childhood fantasy as an adult in esteem

You've pushed me so much to be who I can
A man worthy and deserving of your sweet hand
And I'm not quite there, but I never will be
With you it's a journey, traversing the sea

Because you're bright and creative
Talented and innovative
There won't ever be a task
In which you'll long bask

There's too much to learn
So much we can see
The journey and uncertainty is what brings you such glee

And so I've never loved anyone more than I love you
You challenge my life by pushing yours too
With you I can be who I want to be
And through that I'm finding some deep parts of me

And it's not just the challenge or the journey ahead
It's the rainy days we spend with the dogs in our bed
The simple things in life for me are complete
Without you the days are of varied deplete

I always thought that I would find love
But the truth is it found me
From the day that I met you it gave me a shove

I came on too strong, but I knew what I knew
That somehow someway I wanted to end up with you

It was subconscious and planned
In the way that it can
The universe delivering and lending a hand

I've never loved anyone more than I love you
You're raising the bar on my life of a zoo
You're sweet and you're beautiful and sexy and warm
Your addition to my life has made me transform

You're the smartest you're the brightest
You're the sexiest and uprightest
And I want to spend everyday for the rest of my life watching you go