It's funny to compare
Where we were to where we are
We thought we had it rough
But this last year has raised the bar.

Twins have been tough!
Might be the understatement of the year
I never feel like enough
And it raises some fear
That maybe just maybe
We're in over our heads
And we may never catch up on sleep
Until we're both dead.

But the neatest thing has happened
Amongst all the strife
I've found that I've started
To more appreciate life.
Because I know that I'm no longer
Living for me
My goal is to set
An example for three.

To show our boys to love, and to show them to care
To apply themselves to challenges and live life with flair
And each time I look at my sons I can see
That there's a side of life that is filled up with glee
It is quite the shame that it took me this long
But now I can see that life is a song.
A musical mass that pulsates and sings
That brightens and improves with all that it brings.

And now here we are again
A love poem for four
On our anniversary
During which I should pour
All of my feelings
Of love out for my wife
Appreciation for everything
She brings to my life.
But the thing about that
Is these feelings of joy
Are not exclusively sat
At the feet of our boys
Because here with you
I feel so grateful
And I don't know what I'd do
Without our pairing so fateful.

You are my light, my best friend
My inspiration and confidant
And I know that I never want this to end.
So let's keep going, and pushing uphill
Because every day spent with you
Brings quite the thrill.

Happy anniversary, and here's to many more!
I'd probably also be amiss not to take
Advantage of our fourth anniversary, to say
May the 4th be with you.