How much I love my
wife is hard to describe she
really is my life

She makes me better
She keeps me pushing
She's always on the letter

Today is the day
When we came together and
vowed our everlasting love
and if I speak desire
countless anniversaries
what else can I say

And now our next ad-
venture together is to
procreate that is to say
to bring a light into this
world getting madder

A son! A Son! He
will embody our best and
worst tendencies, our love, our
fears, our wants and desires
Our ignorances and our
understandings. He will be
the embodiment of all
I've ever hoped I could have
I sit thankfully

I love you I love
you are my best friend and my
confidant. You listen to
my rants and my songs even
when they're crazy or they're not
very good and you'd likely
spit if you heard another
rendition of Isn't She
Lovely. But it's you I pic-
ture every time I sing it
You are made of love

And when I reflect
It's striking the improvement
Of the quality of days
Since you stepped into my life
I cannot begin to say
how much happier I am
than in yesterday

You and the dogs and
our soon to be son are what
I look forward to and what
I've always dreamed of being
a part of. I cannot i-
magine a better gift than
spending days with you.

I have one last thing
to say on this very spec-
ial of days. You rock my life.
Happy anniversary.
Here's to many more.